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Fort Myers and Cape Coral Dock Repair

While Hooker Marine builds prime boat docks in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and the other areas in beautiful Southwest Florida, we also supply the routine maintenance and dock repairs required to sustain an attractive, well built, and especially functional dockage system.

The Effect of Water and Marine Life on Docks

Cape Coral hosts about 156 miles of freshwater canals, 222 miles of salt water / gulf access canals, and 31 miles of shoreline for access to the Gulf of Mexico.

And you know that boat docks, including boat lifts, are a sizable investment in the boating lifestyle.

To maintain your commitment to the boating way, dock repair may be necessary to address the wear and tear produced by the salt and brackish waters as well as the marine life in the Cape Coral waters. The salt hastens the corrosive effects of water and eats away at almost any material.

Full Service Dock Repairs

Hooker Marine full service dock repairs include work on the dock, boat lift, and all related construction including:

  • Decking replacement
  • Lift motor repair
  • PVC pile wrap, X bracing, and headers
  • Lift cradle, guide posts, and carpeted wood bunks
  • New stainless steel cables
  • Cradle shiv or pulley replacement

Even if we did not originally build the docking system, we can repair it.

Since 2015, superior customer service, affordable pricing, and elite workmanship made Hooker’s Marine a leading full service marine construction firm inclusive of quality dock repairs for Cape Coral, Fort Myers, and Southwest Florida homes and homeowners.

Expect timely, professional, expert service from Hooker Marine. When you need us, we are there. Count on it!

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